About Pro Se

Mediation is defined as intervention in a dispute in order to resolve it.

Not everyone needs Mediation in their Divorce process, but if they do, it is included as part of the process at Pro Se of Wisconsin. My main goal is for couples to reach an Agreement that both parties feel is fair and equitable.The more satisfied they are with the Agreement, the more apt they are to heal and maintain an amicable relationship following the completion of the Divorce.

The most important part of my job is LISTENING. I listen to each person’s side of the story and help them work through some of the feelings that they are having. Divorce is a healing process. By sharing their feelings through the process and working through them, couples can heal their heart.

Mediation is done over the phone and is personal and confidential. I help people, and will help you reach an agreement that is of most benefit to the entire family unit.

I take people through the process in steps, so they never feel overwhelmed. Each step is explained in detail. I am there to help make sure that all of their paperwork is completed correctly and to help them with decisions for their Marital Settlement Agreement.

Pro Se Divorce and Mediation in Wisconsin
You CAN maintain a family unit after divorce. Children are always the most important part of this case. I help people heal and help you maintain peace and agreement through the divorce process.
Pro Se Divorce in Wisconsin
Pro Se, pronounced “Pro-Say,” is a Latin term meaning “for self” or “in one’s own behalf.” Because Wisconsin is a No-fault Divorce State, people can legally represent themselves in their own divorce because it is no longer necessary to prove that one party in the marriage did something to destroy the marriage. The only ground for divorce in Wisconsin is that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

Is a Pro Se Divorce Expensive?

No! One of the best reasons to do your divorce through Pro Se of Wisconsin, LLC, is the lower cost. On average, attorney fees for a divorce can run anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 per person, depending on the unresolved issues of the case. Pro Se of Wisconsin, LLC charges reasonable prices, per couple, for a complete divorce, compared to today’s attorney fees! 

History of Pro Se of Wisconsin, LLC

Pro Se of Wisconsin, LLC was established in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 1981 by its founder, Tee Evans. It began as an “alternative to the Adversarial System” providing couples with the opportunity to represent themselves, with the personal support, counseling and mediation that other methods did not offer. Since its establishment, Pro Se of Wisconsin, LLC, has provided this opportunity to thousands of couples throughout the entire State of Wisconsin.