Pro Se Divorce and Mediation Services in Wisconsin
Meet the expert, Sandee Jorns. She has over 30 years of experience and has helped thousands of couples save money. She has the most experience in the state and teaches you how to do it right.

No one likes the idea of divorce, but in today’s society it is a reality. Pro Se of Wisconsin, LLC can make a difficult and painful process much easier. If you are in need of Divorce services in Wisconsin, call today for more information. Find out about a legal alternative to the traditional way of obtaining a Divorce.


What is Pro Se of Wisconsin, LLC?

Pro Se of Wisconsin, LCC, provides divorce and mediation services to couples throughout the entire state of Wisconsin who are interested in obtaining a divorce without retaining attorneys. We provide couples with the opportunity to work together, promoting a “win-win” situation, and thereby avoiding the traditional adversarial “win-lose” legal system. Our main emphasis is to provide couples who wish to divorce with the option of going through the process in an amicable and fair manner. Pro Se of Wisconsin, LLC, offers personal, caring and confidential support through the entire divorce process.

Divorce can be complicated. When you chose Pro Se of Wisconsin to help, you’ll get it right the first time and avoid additional court hearings. Pro Se of Wisconsin will provide personal and confidential mediation to help you work as a team and get through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

Why Choose Pro Se of Wisconsin?



  • Expensive 
  • Generally Create Conflict
  • Process takes over a year or more
  • Generally 3 Court Hearings

Pro Se of Wisconsin, LLC

  • Cost Effective
  • Promote WIN-WIN
  • Provides Confidential  Mediation
  • Process takes 4 ½ months
  • Only 1 Court Hearing

This process is court supported and makes the process easy!

Courts have commented that Pro Se of Wisconsin does their job well with impeccable paperwork. 

Pro Se Divorce Mediation Services Divorce in Wisconsin
A divorce services company that has been helping people since 1981, we’re dedicated people serving the state of Wisconsin and offering complete and inexpensive divorce services
Wisconsin Divorce Services and Mediation Services Pro Se LLC
We provide Divorce and Mediation Services to all counties in Wisconsin!

Who Can Use the Pro Se Wisconsin LLC Services?

Anyone who meets the residency requirements of Wisconsin is eligible. Only one of the divorcing parties needs to have resided in the state of Wisconsin for six months and a Wisconsin County for thirty days. If either one of you meets the Wisconsin residency requirements, you can use the services provided by Pro Se of Wisconsin, LLC. It is a service for people with or without children, with or without assets, with or without debts, with or without homes, with or without retirement plans, etc. It is a service which is available to people from all walks of life and all income levels.

Is it hard to do?

Pro Se of Wisconsin, LLC, makes a Pro Se divorce a simple and effective option for obtaining a divorce. There are no meetings, so there is no loss of work time. All correspondence is done over the phone, with a fax machine, a computer and through the mail. You will receive PERSONAL, STEP BY STEP instructions from the same person through the entire divorce process.